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Ambra’s Top Tips For Winter Skin

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Many people love autumn and it’s crisp, ‘fresh’ mornings. However before we know it, autumn has turned to winter.

A change in the season gets us skincare experts busy, ensuring people know what the change in conditions can mean for their complexion. After all, what we want is for the nation to maintain their fantastic skin.

We can usually tell when winter is on its way, as the temperatures drop a little more and daylight hours dramatically reduce. As the weather gets colder, this means humidity levels also fall and the air becomes even drier. The air in our homes also becomes dry as we switch on the central heating in order to feel cosy and warm. This can present another issue as we frequently expose our skin to differences in temperature, going from the cold air outside to the warm air inside.

So, what do these factors mean for our complexions?

Ambra Clinic in North Finchley helps many patients improve the appearance of their skin. However, during winter we find there are 3 concerns that are of particular concern:

• DRY SKIN – ‘Dry’ seems to be featuring quite highly in this blog. This skin condition is often triggered by the change in atmosphere as humidity can help to keep the skin moist. Other concerns such as: flaking, itching, irritation and tautness can be triggered by dry skin.

• ROUGH SKIN – This can also be an effect from dry skin, which causes skin cells to die off quicker. If these dead skin cells are not expelled efficiently (also thanks to dry skin), they will cause the texture to feel uneven.

• DULL SKIN – If your complexion is both dry and rough, it’s likely that it will also be dull. A build-up of dead skin cells on the surface will stop the reflection of light; which helps your skin to ‘glow’.

What can we do about these concerns?

For many people, a few simple skincare changes can restore hydration to the skin. Ambra Clinic recommends Obagi Medical skincare. Whether individual products make up the usual daily routine, or a targeted protocol is suggested, regular use will help to transform the look and feel of the skin.
As well as suitable skincare, an in-clinic treatment will do wonders for the complexion during winter. For dull, dry and rough skin, Ambra will often recommend the following:

• CHEMICAL PEELS – These treatments are usually tailored to the individual and work to gently resurface the skin. Old skin cells are removed, making way for a healthy, new layer of skin that completely rejuvenates the complexion.

• HYDRAFACIAL – This luxurious, award-winning treatment provides the right amount of deep-cleansing and exfoliation needed to put the sparkle back in your appearance.

• NEOGEN PLASMA – This treatment can resurface the top layers of the skin at the same time as replenishing the deeper layers, improving the condition of the skin both inside and out.

Reducing dryness in the skin can have a range of results. As well as the texture becoming smoother and softer, irritation is calmed and itching will ease. Skin that is more moist will get rid of dead cells from the surface more easily, allowing the complexion to appear more radiant. Increased hydration also helps to maintain the skin’s protective barrier, which can protect the complexion against the cold, dry air.

Combining at-home skincare with an in-clinic treatment can create enhanced results. So, when looking to get rid of dull, dry skin this winter, contact the clinic and ask Ambra’s team of specialists for their advice.

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