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Hydrafacial – Make an entrance

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Hydrafacial At Ambra Facial Aesthetic Clinic

Being on lockdown has been like one big duvet day, staying all day in our PJ’s, forgetting the make-up and keeping things casual with a ponytail. There’s been no need to go through our usual daily routine of getting up and getting ready to go to the shops or the office. It’s been a time where we’ve made even more use of technology – having Zoom’s in our slippers and lounge trousers (out of view from the screen) – whether that’s meetings for work or keeping in contact with friends and family.

This can mean the skin has been a little neglected of late due to the absence of our normal daily routine. The skin may be looking a little dull and in need of a well deserved pick-me-up.

Now that the restrictions are eased and we can go out – albeit with distance – it’s time to re welcome the world. So, why not do it in style and with a fantastic new look – the Hydrafacial look. This season’s must-have. With six easy steps to renewing a youthful glow, Hydrafacial cleanses and exfoliates, detoxifies, extracts impurities, brightens, hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Getting rid of your dull skin, dry skin, acne and pigmentation concerns couldn’t be easier. Hydrafacial also works to counteract cellular damage from sun exposure, pollution and stress – Covid has certainly brought enough of that!!

So, reward your hard work and having done your bit for helping to keep Covid at bay and treat yourself to Hydrafacial at Ambra Facial Aesthetic Clinic in North Finchley, London. 6 steps in 6 sessions can restore a radiant glow and refresh your complexion. Make an appointment and prepare to make an entrance with Hydrafacial. Booking now will entitle you to benefit from our summer offer of buy three, get one free.

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