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Morpheus8 – For Skin That’s Merry & Tight This Christmas

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The bells were ringing out for Morpheus8 this year, as it shot to stardom following recognition from some high profile celebrities; most notably Judy Murray and Amanda Holden, both of whom have openly spoken about their experiences with this life-changing skin treatment.

Here at Ambra Aesthetics we are delighted to have welcomed Morpheus8 to our clinic, and with it the amazing results it can achieve for our patients.

So what actually is Morpheus8 and why are we all so excited about it?

Morpheus8 is a fractional remodelling and skin contouring device that works deeper than any other device of its kind. Now that may not mean much, but the fractional technology behind Morpheus8 is simply sublime.
In lay terms, Morpheus8 works by penetrating the skin to the subdermal layers of fat, and it strategically remodels the fat to result in a sleeker, more youthful contour. As the Morpheus8 also emits radio frequency, it not only works to remodel the face, but also to tighten the tissue structure which gives a lifted appearance to ageing skin.
What’s particularly exciting about Morpheus8 is that it reaches depths greater than any comparable device and therefore it is the ONLY device that can re-model the subdermal fat layers. Following treatment, the face will appear tighter and lifted, as well as seeing fine lines and wrinkles smoothed away.

Morpheus8 is also incredible at treating surface layers of the skin, to tackle conditions such as acne scars whilst also dramatically improving the tone and texture of the skin.

So now you know why there’s so much hype about it, will it be right for you?

Morpheus8 is suitable for most skin types, and this versatile little device is ready to give your skin some serious love. Fine lines, wrinkles, jowls, sagging skin, acne scars, dull skin, nasolabial lines, tired looking eyes, marionette lines or bunny lines – if any of these sound familiar to you then Morpheus8 is ready and willing to flex its muscles and show you just why it’s earned such an enviable reputation.

If your skin has felt the effects of 2021, or if you’re starting to notice those little signs of ageing are creeping up on you, then you may just want to take a good look at Morpheus8; you can be sure that it’ll work wonders! So make a trip to Ambra Clinic top of your Christmas list this year, we’re ready to make your skin just as Merry & Tight as those celebs – you’ll be red carpet ready in no time!

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