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Obagi Skin Treatments – A Big Win for Your Skin

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Just as your appearance is unique, so too is your skin type and the way it can change as you progress through your adult years. Looking after your skin is a process that should be adopted quite early on in life, undertaking a daily routine that includes cleansing, toning and moisturising, with twice-weekly exfoliation. This regimen can help to achieve a soft and supple surface that contributes to attaining clear skin that functions well.

Many skincare products, available both off-the-shelf and via prescription, are competing for your attention. With each brand having developed their range to a high level of quality, outlining the ways in which your complexion can benefit, it’s hard to know which one to choose. It’s important when you’re contemplating skincare to ensure that you are aware of your skin’s particular needs, so the right action is taken.

This is where the expert advice of an aesthetic clinic can be successful. When you visit Ambra Aesthetics in North Finchley, your skin can profit from our medical knowledge. Dr. McMillan and her team of skilled practitioners will perform an in-depth analysis of your skin to identify any concerns that need addressing, as well as recommending the products that are best suited to you.

Ambra Aesthetics have been using the Obagi range of medical skin treatments for many years, and our patients have triumphed from their use.

We feel that Obagi is worthy of receiving a ‘gold star’ when it comes to caring for your skin. Their deep understanding of skin biology has enabled the development of advanced formulations that are designed to transform the health, quality and condition of your complexion. When it comes to skin that is: dull / dry, rough, oily, prone to breakouts of acne; has visible redness or pigmentation issues, and may be starting to become saggy or wrinkled, Obagi’s products can improve both the inner and outer structure. The results can be amazing.

Ambra Aesthetics is confident that Obagi medical treatments are a big win for your skin, and have these products available to purchase via a prescription.

So contact the clinic today and ensure your victory in the battle for incredible skin.

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