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Put Your Complexion Back in the Spotlight With Lumeca

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However a person looks, for many, the summer is a great time to get that healthy-looking glow as the sun helps to tan your skin. Your individual tone is a unique trait that is determined by your genes, giving your skin its distinct colouring, which can also determine how ‘well’ the skin will tan.

Much as a bronzed complexion is often a welcomed look, it is important to understand how a summer-glow comes about.

When UV rays penetrate the skin it triggers a response whereby the skin produces melanin. Melanin is a natural substance that is found in the skin, and is what determines the skin’s natural tone. Melanin also acts as protection from the sun, increasing its levels to help prevent the underlying tissues from becoming damaged.

As this process can be repeated year after year, for some people, the extra melanin can accumulate within the skin’s cells. This can then lead to the development of concerns such as: hyperpigmentation, sun spots and freckles, as the affected cells become darker in colour. Patches of pigmented skin can cause an irregularity in the skin’s appearance and disrupt its even tone. These conditions can often take some time to develop, and their appearance is usually permanent.

At Ambra Aesthetic Clinic, we have a great solution for restoring a more even colouration of the skin – Lumeca. Lumeca is a treatment that uses IPL to help to put your complexion back in the spotlight. The intense pulses of light energy are drawn to darker tones of melanin, which means unaffected cells remain untouched. The unwanted cells can then rise to the surface of the skin, from which they will then fall off.

As well as reversing the blemishes that the sun has caused, Lumeca is also an effective solution for reducing other skin tone irregularities, including: port wine stains, melasma and spider veins.

So, when the summer’s over and your sun-kissed glow starts to fade, it will be the perfect time to contact Ambra Aesthetics and make an appointment to reverse the effects of the sun.

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