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Restore Your Skin to its ‘Forma’ Glory

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Summer is here and with the arrival of lighter, brighter days, we welcome the chance to enjoy the sunshine. For many people the summertime can lift the mood and create an outlook that is just as bright and breezy as the days themselves.

Skincare and sun protection are often high on a person’s agenda, and although possessing a warm and healthy glow is much preferred, ensuring we maintain great skin is also a must.
This is why applying SPF becomes even more important during these months, protecting the skin against sun damage and the effects of ageing.

For those who are regular visitors to aesthetics clinics (such as Ambra Aesthetics) it is well known that UV rays are a contributor to the breakdown of collagen and elastin in the skin. One of the effects that this process can notably lead to is a complexion that appears loose and saggy, as the skin becomes weak and loses volume. Rejuvenating the appearance and re-establishing the definition of the features is often achieved when the structure of the skin is strengthened, both inside and out. There are many innovative treatments that can do just this by increasing the levels of collagen in the deeper layers of the dermis, to create a more youthful and refined look.

At Ambra Aesthetics, one of these little beauties is Forma skin tightening – a treatment that can be used to lift and tighten the skin on the face, neck and body. Delivering heat energy to the fibrous tissues can help to trigger the body’s own healing responses and produce new collagen for fuller, firmer and smoother skin. Your tired look can be a thing of the past when tighter skin also reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, a downturned mouth, jowls, flat cheeks and a double chin.

Dr. Maryam’s thorough consultation can recommend the best course of treatment for you, whether 4, 5 or 6 sessions are needed to help restore your skin to its ‘Forma’ glory.
So why not get ahead of the game and boost the structure of your complexion in advance of the summer sun, with Forma skin tightening at Ambra Aesthetics.

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