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Send Skin Tags Packing This November

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This month Ambra Aesthetic Clinic, in North Finchley, is talking about a concern that causes irritation for many people – skin tags; a displeasing little tab that hangs off the skin’s surface.

A skin tag can often be thought of like an unwanted guest, who’s invited themselves over and now refuses to leave. Unfortunately, not many people get on with a skin tag and consider their presence to be a nuisance, both aesthetically and physically. Although they are quite small in size and try to blend in with the surrounding skin (by having the same colouring as your natural tone), they can get themselves noticed. They make themselves comfortable in inconvenient places, commonly taking up residence on areas such as the neck, under the arms or around the groin – typically where there is a fold or crease in the skin, disrupting its even surface. It’s easy to get cross with a skin tag when they rub or snag on your clothes, as well as trying to be the star of the show when all you want is to look great and possess smooth skin.

At Ambra Aesthetic Clinic this November we can help to send your skin tag packing. Our cryotherapy treatment can present your skin tag with a one-way ticket out of here, less likely to darken your door again. Giving the cold shoulder to your skin tag is what this irregularity needs, and cryotherapy provides you with a safe and easy option to do just this. Cryotherapy uses the ‘Freeze pen’ to send an icy chill through the soft skin that encases your skin tag, and freeze the blood vessels at its core. Delivering sub-zero temperatures to its central system will ensure your skin tag gets the message, destroying the one thing that keeps it happy so that it falls off and goes away.

We know this all might sound a bit unfriendly and At Ambra Aesthetics we know that being unwelcoming isn’t in your usual nature. However when it comes to skin tags, we understand. We won’t judge you when you feel the need to be rid of your skin’s uninvited guest as we recognise how annoying it can be.

So at a time when you’re starting to think about the guests you do want to be welcoming to in the not too distant future, think about restoring a smooth and even surface to your skin. Cryotherapy may take a couple of weeks to work its magic, but by Christmas all will be healed and looking fab. You can look forward to being the hostess with the mostest this festive season, and enjoy being the centre of attention – as you should be.

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