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Summer Skincare With SPF

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The experts at Ambra Clinic in North Finchley book many consultations for patients who are looking for great skincare advice. Much of our suggestions include changing up your skincare routine with the changing season, as you may find your complexion develops different needs. As June marks the first of the summer months, we’re using this blog to let you know what the summer climate can mean for your skin, and what you can do to keep it looking and feeling great.


Warmer temperatures can often leave you feeling a little hot under the collar. Your body responds to this sensation and releases moisture (sweat) to help cool you down. The increase in moisture drawn from the inside of your body will also mean that moisture has been drawn from the skin causing it to become dry. This can lead to a complexion that is itchy, red and irritated. However, it’s important to understand that at the same time, sweat will make the skin seem as though it is greasy as increased sweat production also means more oil is present on the skin’s surface – which can also increase the amount of skin cells that are produced. There’s a lot of information on our website about conditions that can affect the skin, and if you look at our page on ‘acne’, you’ll find that it is these components that can increase the likelihood of a breakout of spots.

The warmer and lengthier days are very inviting and it’s likely that you’ll want to spend more time enjoying the open air and feeling the sun on your skin. The most common effect when your skin has been exposed to the sun’s rays is usually a change in its tone. You may find you start to get a ‘healthy glow’ or a tan. Or you may experience sunburn, when the skin turns red or pink in colour and feels sore. This is an indication that the skin’s cells are becoming damaged, as the production of melanin has increased or the UV rays have caused the skin to become inflamed.


In terms of your routine, our experts would usually recommend that even during the summer months you continue to use cleanser, toner and moisturiser everyday; exfoliating twice a week. Where you should make the change, is with the products you’re using. In summer the skin will require lighter products that account for the increase in surface oil and are less likely to contribute to causing blockages in the pores – which can also be said for make-up and other cosmetics that are applied to the skin. Ambra Clinic stocks Obagi Medical skincare products which are tailored to suit your individual skin type, and can be ideally matched to help improve the look and feel of the complexion, depending on your skin’s concerns. At a private consultation, our expert practitioners conduct an in-depth analysis of your skin. This enables the right products to be recommended just for you, and helps to bring out the best in your complexion.

But, the most important part of your summer skincare routine is to make sure that SPF is not forgotten. Skincare experts will always recommend using a high SPF (50 or above) as this provides your skin with a higher level of protection. SPF creates a barrier on the skin’s surface which stops harmful amounts of UV rays from penetrating the skin. By preventing damage to inner cells you are less likely to develop areas of pigmentation (age spots) and the formation of cancerous cells. Obagi Medical produces great SPF products that protect the skin from both UVA and UVB rays, and by repeating applications throughout the day as necessary, will maintain protection.

June is a fantastic time for refreshing the complexion. An in-clinic treatment at this time of the year can help provide the perfect pick-me-up before the climate increases in humidity, and the beach starts calling. At Ambra Clinic we can revive your complexion through the use of Hydrafacial, Crystal microdermabrasion facial, other bespoke facials or vitamin injections. So book your consultation today and look forward to your healthy, summer glow.

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