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Why Ambra?

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Dr. Maryam McMillan proudly presents AMBRA AESTHETIC CLINIC – a classically refined clinic in North Finchley, London, that gives you the freedom to feel beautiful, inside and out. 

We are excited to announce that this Summer sees the launch of Dr. Maryam’s dedicated medical aesthetic brand, focused on bringing you incredible, natural results from a delicate and friendly hand. 

With a wealth of facial anatomical knowledge from her background as a dentist, Dr Maryam has established herself firmly on the aesthetics platform. Since transferring her medical background and artistic flair to the aesthetics arena, she has worked hard to expand her growing business and meet client demand by developing this inspiring brand. 

Backed by a supporting team of experts, Dr. Maryam and her team use the latest technologies and innovations to deliver a range of treatments that are designed to enhance facial features, pause the signs of ageing and improve your general well-being. 

Ambra Aesthetic Clinic concentrates on facial and dental aesthetic procedures as well as offering a unique addition to their services – expert advice from her husband and partner – Dr. Roddy McMillan a facial pain specialist, regarding conditions that cause facial discomfort. 

Throughout her branding journey, Dr. Maryam has been frequently asked “why Ambra?”. 

Carefully chosen by their very own leading lady, the name Ambra has a meaning that is not only close to her heart, but also reflects the clinic’s personality. 

‘Ambra is a girl that can make anyone laugh, smile and feel better, no matter what they’ve been through. She can cause contagious smiles, grins and grimaces’. 

Feeling good on the inside, often goes hand in hand with looking great on the outside. This feeling can put a smile on your face and this is just what an expert performance at Ambra Aesthetic Clinic aims to do. Dr. Maryam believes that everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful – for whatever the reason, and applies her skills to create appearances that can put a smile on your face 

So, ladies and gentlemen, take your seat and prepare to experience the performance of a lifetime. It’s time to put your hands together and welcome Ambra Aesthetic Clinic, designed to put you back in the spotlight.  

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