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Pigmentation refers to the unique colouring of the skin and is determined by the production of Melanin – a substance that is found naturally in the body.

Issues related to a discolouration of the skin can affect a variety of areas on the face or body, with a number of causes.

This common concern can be seen in two different forms:
Hyperpigmentation occurs when too much Melanin has been produced. Most frequently seen affecting the face, hands, chest, neck and shoulders; Hyperpigmentation is often a result from hormonal changes, trauma to the skin or exposure to the sun. Usually taking on the form of age spots or freckles, this condition is likely to be of no harm to the affected person, with adults in their 30’s or 40’s being common candidates.

Hypopigmentation is a result of too little Melanin being produced, causing the skin to become lighter in appearance. This condition may take the form of small localised patches on the face or body, or cover larger areas. This concern is most likely to be caused by our inherited genes, with environmental conditions and trauma to the skin being other contributors.

Pigmentation can be a very visual condition, causing embarrassment to the affected person.

At Ambra Aesthetic Clinic medical grade skin care products and chemical peels can be used as effective treatments to help improve Pigmentation issues on both the face and body. We have a variety of treatments available at the clinic, including Lumecca IPL treatment and Obagi products we highly recommend as part of an ongoing skincare programme. When pigmentation issues are successfully addressed, any lost confidence can be restored leaving you with a complexion that looks more even and balanced.

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