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Rosacea is a common long-term skin condition that affects the face.

Visible redness is the most prominent symptom associated with Rosacea, and the face may sting upon washing – even if only water is used.

Other symptoms can include: small bumps on the skin that are red or pink in colour (or even filled with pus), burst blood vessels (known as spider or thread veins), dry skin thickened skin and possible discolouration.

Affecting areas such as the chin, forehead and cheeks, Rosacea can often see symptoms come and go, with fluctuations in severity. However, if left untreated, the affected person may find that this condition causes a permanent redness to the face.

This condition is most likely to affect women, but if experienced by a man, the symptoms can be quite severe and it is less noticeable for people who have a darker complexion.

Although the causes of Rosacea are not necessarily known, it is thought that alcohol consumption, eating spicy foods, eating cheese, drinking caffeinated and other hot drinks, exercise, exposure to hot conditions and stress can all act to trigger the symptoms.

When affected by Rosacea, the visible symptoms can be quite noticeable, leading to feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness. This may encourage the need to conceal the condition, using cosmetics to cover over the redness.

At Ambra Aesthetic Clinic we use a variety of products and Dermalux LED Therapy as effective treatments to successfully settle the symptoms of Rosacea. This can help to improve the affected person’s overall appearance and restore any lost confidence.

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