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Thin Lips

Thin Lips

Thin lips is a condition used to describe lips that are lacking in a full appearance.

It is widely accepted that the ‘perfect proportions’ for the lips is 2 thirds bottom lip to 1 third top lip. However, as with all our features, the size and volume of the lips is unique to each and every person, with the perception that they are too thin being one of personal preference.

Treating thin lips has become a very popular procedure, frequently requested throughout the world, with both men and women seeking to enhance their lips and possess the perfect pout.

Determining the way we look, inherited genes will be the dominant reason for having thin lips, with ageing being a factor that causes the full lips from our youth becoming thinner in appearance as we age.

Lost volume in the facial features can be a result of lost collagen and elastin in the skin, a natural progression that causes weakened skin and its supporting muscles.

As well as lacking in volume, thin lips can alter the balance with the rest of the features, causing the face to look disproportionate.

At Ambra Aesthetic Clinic we treat thin lips by using Dermal Fillers for lip enhancement, as the lips require a more gentle approach than that of other areas of the face. The use of fillers can add volume for a fuller appearance to one or both of the lips.

When the appearance of a specific feature, such as the lips, has been enhanced it can leave you feeling more happier and confident.

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