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Thread Veins

Thread Veins

Thread veins are a common condition that can affect both men and women and are most likely to develop on the face, legs and back – and in some cases on the stomach after pregnancy.

‘Spider veins’, ‘surface veins’ and ‘venous flares’ are other frequent references for this concern, which appear as thin red or purple veins.

They are the result of broken blood vessels that have become dilated and visible in the superficial layer of the skin (dermis).

Around 80% of adults develop thread veins which may appear as a lone strand or as a cluster, much like the appearance of a spider’s web. Stress or trauma to the skin is most likely to be the cause, as is exposure to the sun and the condition Rosacea – a characteristic that is symptomatic of this skin condition and often sees thread veins appear on the cheeks, nose and occasionally the chin.

This condition is usually found to be harmless, but may grow in size and volume as time passes. For thread veins that develop through Rosacea, their presence can become permanent if the concern is left untreated. 

Thread veins can cause the affected person to feel some degree of embarrassment or self-consciousness at their appearance, especially if they are particularly noticeable to others.

At Ambra Facial Aesthetics Clinic the appearance of thread veins can be reduced through the use of Obagi medical grade skin products, which help to restore a healthy condition to the skin, as well as Thermavein  – a treatment that uses a thermo-coagulation device to remove the thread vein(s).

A bespoke treatment plan can achieve successful results in helping to erase the appearance of thread veins. You can regain any lost confidence when your skin can once again look clear and evenly toned. 

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