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Our advice to you before any treatment is carried out is to research the procedure you wish to have.

We recognise that we are all different in our own individual and unique ways, but we also understand that how each person views themselves is also individual and unique. Only you can know how you truly feel about yourself and we are here to discuss your concerns.

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Ambra Aesthetic Clinic - Dr. Maryam McMillan

Patient Journey

Your Consultation

A thorough consultation with Dr. Maryam McMillan is the first step on your journey to fulfilment.

This pre-treatment assessment is a recommendation of Ambra Facial Aesthetics Clinic and will give you the information you require to make an informed decision about the procedure you may wish to have. We will take an in-depth look at your condition and enquire about your medical history and discuss the results that you expect to achieve.

Treatment options will be considered and we will work with you to construct a plan that will best suit your needs and desires. You will then have the opportunity to take the time to think about how you wish to proceed. Ensuring you are completely comfortable and at ease with your decision is paramount. 


Patient Journey

Your Treatment

On the day of treatment you will be greeted by our clinic manager, Rebecca (Bex), who will be responsible for your whole well-being while spending time with us. She is your main point of contact and the friendly voice you hear when you pick up the phone. Bex will take great care of you when you enter the clinic, and will do everything she possibly can to ensure you are completely at ease before the treatment takes place.

When the time is right, she will take you through to the treatment room, where you will then be handed over to Dr. McMillan and her very capable hands. 

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Your treatment will be carried out with precision and care, ensuring your comfort and safety remains a priority.

Patient Journey


Leaving the clinic doesn’t mean you also leave our thoughts. You will always receive a follow up call within the first few days of treatment, to ensure you are recovering well and are happy with the results so far. Your feedback is important to us. 

Depending on the treatment, you may be given specific aftercare instructions or have arranged necessary follow up appointments. 

Ambra Facial Aesthetics Clinic is always here for you and available any time you need to contact us.

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