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Dr Roddy McMillan

Dr. Roddy McMillan is our in-house Oral Medicine Consultant, who also runs a facial pain clinic, for which he offers expert advice and personalised treatments.

Dr. Roddy McMillan studied dentistry at the University of Glasgow and Medicine at the University of Birmingham. In 2005 he was awarded membership to the Faculty of Dental Surgery at the Royal College of Surgeons (RCS) of England, obtaining a Fellowship of Dental Surgery (Oral Medicine) at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow in 2013, as well as Fellowship to the Higher Education Authority in the same year.

As some aspects of facial aesthetics can overlap with Roddy’s specialist area, he is a unique addition to the Ambra Facial Aesthetics Clinic’s timetable. Conditions such as jaw muscle pain, chronic headaches and migraines are some common concerns that have seen much success when treated by the muscle relaxant, Botulinum Toxin – type A – a product that is renowned in the field of facial aesthetics.
Roddy works closely with Dr. Maryam to help in identifying the cause of your facial pain, and then explains the best treatment options for you. Facial pain is a physical concern that others cannot see; however, it can impact very much on the affected person’s well-being as.

Standing by the ethics that are characteristic of Ambra Facial Aesthetics Clinic, Roddy works to understand both the physical and emotional aspects of each patient in order to fully address their needs and produce a successful outcome.

A Consultant and Honorary Clinical Fellow in Oral Medicine and Facial Pain, Roddy currently works at the Royal National ENT & Eastman Dental Hospitals, University College London Hospital NHS Foundation Trust (UCLH). He also is the clinical lead of the world renowned Facial Pain Multidisciplinary Team at the Royal National ENT & Eastman Dental Hospitals.

Prior to completing his specialist training in Oral Medicine at the Eastman Dental Hospital, Roddy’s working experience has seen him acquire skills in a variety of different healthcare fields, including hospital medicine and general practice dentistry.
In 2020, Roddy supported the NHS Covid-19 effort when he was temporarily redeployed to the department of obstetrics at UCLH.

His present role includes the treatment of oral medicine and facial pain patients, in addition to being actively involved in research and clinical teaching.

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Dr Roddy McMillan
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