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Cynosure Elite+ (Laser Hair Removal)

Cynosure Elite+ is a laser treatment that works to reduce unwanted hair on a variety of areas on the face and body. A procedure that is growing in popularity and is described as the ‘ultimate in hair removal’, Cynosure is suitable for use on many skin types and tones.

Hair growth can vary from person to person, with each individual feeling differently about how this affects their appearance. It is often seen as more aesthetically pleasing and more hygienic to get rid of hair on certain parts of the body; with women typically tending to their legs, bikini line and under arms, and men removing hair from their back, chest and around the neck.

Whether male or female, getting rid of unwanted hair often requires the regular use of shaving, waxing or creams. If a person chooses to take care of this process at home or in a clinic or salon, the results are temporary and may require daily, weekly or monthly maintenance.
With the Cynosure Elite+ treatment the results can give you smooth, hair free skin for the longer-term – and in some cases, permanently. The laser works by targeting the follicle to damage the individual hair at the root, whilst also preventing the follicle from producing a new hair.

Cynosure Elite+ can be used on various areas of the body, including: face, neck, chest, back, stomach, around the bikini line, legs and under the arms. A series of 3 – 6 treatments may be needed to reach the expected result, which will develop gradually to allow for the treated hairs to naturally expel.

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Cynosure Elite+ (Laser Hair Removal)

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You can discuss your concerns at a comprehensive consultation at Ambra Aesthetics Clinic, when a personalised treatment plan will be put in place. Cynosure Elite+ can be suitable for all skin types and tones, although you may not be recommended if your skin is recently tanned.

Cynosure Laser Elite+ is a safe procedure to undergo when a trained and qualified professional is carrying it out. Sharing your medical history during the consultation will help to reduce your risk of developing an adverse reaction.

The treatment is generally tolerated well by many patients, however others have described feeling a flicking sensation to the treated area as the laser is being administered.

Minor swelling at the treatment site is to be expected, following the treatment. In rare cases, skin discolouration can occur but this is usually temporary, and will disappear on its own. Ensuring you apply a suitable SPF to the skin in the days that follow will help to protect the skin as it will be slightly more sensitive than usual.

Although the treated area may feel a little sensitive after treatment, downtime is not usually a problem and many patients continue with their day as normal.


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