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A treatment that oozes luxury and relaxation, Hydrafacial delivers high level cleansing and exfoliation for the skin.

Achieving a truly bespoke outcome, Hydrafacial can be tailored to completely fit your needs and produce results according to your own individual conditions.

Over time our skin can experience many changes. Whether it’s the effects of ageing or our constant exposure to environmental conditions, our skin can often bear the brunt, losing its usual radiance and glow. Developing skin conditions that cause the complexion to become dull, dry, oily or uneven can often result from the changing weather, or habits of our lifestyle. Not only can these factors be the result of common skin concerns, but can also help to accelerate the signs of ageing and contribute to the development of lines and wrinkles, looking like we have generally lost our sparkle.

Bringing your skin back to life can be done through Hydrafacial’s rejuvenating 3-stage process – detoxifying the skin, removing dead skin cells and extracting any debris. Long-lasting hydration can be restored to the skin, whilst enriching ingredients can add nourishment and encourage the production of collagen. Two additional procedures can be used to enhance the results further, providing a higher level of rejuvenation, for a truly vibrant complexion.

This treatment is both powerful and gentle, delivering results from ingredients that will detoxify deep into the skin’s layers, and is suitable for almost all skin types and tones. When used as part of a regular regime, a youthful vibrancy can be enjoyed for the long term.

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This treatment is extremely gentle and is often found to be compatible with a wide variety of different skin types, even the very sensitive. Your individual conditions will be assessed at your pre-treatment consultation when a bespoke plan can be put together and enable an outcome that is yours alone.

This treatment has medical approval and, when combined with the expertise from your skilled practitioner, is considered to be very safe. Any concerns can be discussed prior to the procedure at your pre-treatment consultation. Your skilled practitioner will be more than happy to outline anything that may need your consideration.

This procedure is reported to be extremely soothing and relaxing. It boasts a pain free experience that can leave you in no doubt of returning for regular treatments time and time again.

As the ingredients in this treatment are designed to suit many skin types, the risk of developing any side effects as a result are very minimal. It is always recommended that you make your practitioner fully aware of any allergies you may have, but a full discussion regarding any possible risks will always take place before the procedure is carried out.

This treatment has virtually no associated downtime, with many patients being able to continue with their day as normal, following the procedure.


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