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An injectable treatment that is designed to remodel the skin, Profhilo is an HA based product that helps to improve skin laxity.

Containing high concentration levels of Hyaluronic acid, this procedure boosts the skin’s hydration, aiding the firming of ageing skin that has started to sag.

Getting older contributes to the skin’s structure becoming weak. Collagen and elastin naturally start to diminish, with the regeneration of these two substances becoming less efficient. This in turn will lead to skin that loses its youthful tautness and stretchy properties, becoming loose and slack in appearance. Most commonly seen around the jawline, presenting as jowls, sagging skin can give off an aged appearance that looks tired and worn.

Injected just below the surface of the skin, Profhilo acts as a hydrator, rather than a filler. Stimulating the production of collagen and elastin, moisture levels can be restored and the skin can become more effective in bouncing back to its original form.

A course of 2 treatments, over a 4 week period may be recommended, providing instant hydration to the skin upon application.

A successful treatment for firming the skin, Profhilo can be a great alternative for those who are not quite ready to undergo fillers – delivering effective anti-ageing results to tighten and brighten the skin, as well as smoothing fine lines. The innovative properties that this product contains can act to significantly improve the overall quality of the skin, also being used to compliment a range of other aesthetic and cosmetic procedures.

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The gentle ingredients used in this treatment makes it suitable for almost all skin types and tones. Hyaluronic acid is also a naturally occurring product found in the skin, responsible for effective moisturisation. A full and thorough assessment of the face will be carried out prior to the procedure, when your conditions will be studied in order to recommend the best course of action for you.

Dr. Maryam McMillan ensures she adheres to high levels of safety when carrying out any treatment, holding the welfare of all her patients in high regard.
The product itself has been awarded medical approval and is a popular treatment that is frequently requested.

Dr. Maryam McMillan is an experienced and skilled injector, who takes a lot of care when performing this procedure. The application of the product is carried out with such precision in order to keep any discomfort to a minimum. Some patients do report some slight sensitivity, but this subsides very quickly after the procedure.

Due to the gentle nature of the ingredients contained within this product, Profhilo boasts having low risk factors and rarely reports a patient developing any adverse effects. As with many injectable procedures, a slight bump at the point of application may be seen, but this generally settles within 12 – 24 hours. Any bruising that may emerge will be minimal and can easily be concealed using make-up. Any information regarding the risks involved with undergoing this treatment will be fully explained to you during your pre-treatment consultation.

This treatment produces virtually no downtime. There should be very little disruption to your day, ensuring you can continue with your usual daily activities immediately after the procedure.


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