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Vitamin Injections

Vitamin injections contain a combination of nourishing ingredients to offer rejuvenation to the face and body.

Rapidly growing in popularity, this treatment can work alongside your usual diet to top up your intake of essential nutrients – especially vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 plays a vital part in maintaining a healthy functioning of the brain and in producing red blood cells and DNA.

A deficiency in this nutrient can often take some time to develop and can have some health implications, especially if there are low levels detected in the blood. As vitamin B12 is found in a variety of animal foods, such as eggs, liver, milk, ground beef and chicken, a deficiency is most likely to affect vegans or vegetarians. 

Found to be effective in aiding healthy brain functioning, energy levels and weight loss, vitamin injections have also been linked to aiding and preventing other conditions, including macular degeneration (affecting the vision), osteoporosis (weakened bone mass) and depression.

Advice regarding the need for these nutrient top-ups should be sought from a trained professional, such as at Ambra Aesthetics, and will need to be administered by an expert injector. 

Effective in helping to prevent or reverse a deficiency in vitamin B12, this treatment can benefit people who are older, and are starting to be affected by the ageing process, as ageing can affect the body’s ability to absorb vitamin B12 efficiently.   

Thankfully, at Ambra Aesthetics, we can help revitalise your body from the inside out. 

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Vitamin Injections

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Frequently asked questions

Injections of vitamin B12 can have positive effects on a person’s health. A thorough consultation at Ambra Facial Aesthetics Clinic will discuss how the treatment could benefit you.

This treatment is said to be very safe. It is essential that you attend a comprehensive assessment with Ambra Aesthetic’s expert practitioner to ensure this treatment is right for you. As the injections are administered intramuscularly (into the muscle), it is important that an experienced injector carries out this procedure. 

The area of application may be numbed before the treatment takes place to ensure you feel as little pain as possible. Any discomfort that the injection may cause will be very short-lived and you can expect the area to feel normal quite quickly after the procedure.

The risk of developing any side effects from this treatment is extremely low. In some very rare cases a person has developed an allergic reaction, so it is important that you ensure your practitioner is made fully aware of any allergies that you may have, before the treatment. 

This treatment ensures that there is no downtime produced. After the treatment there should be no recovery time incurred and the patient is usually able to carry on with their day immediately afterwards.


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